"Super" Moon

Panstarrs "Super" mooon over Boone

I'll never complain about science getting media attention but this full moon is only slightly bigger and brighter than most. You really won't be able to tell the difference just from looking as it's only a tiny bit larger than last month's full moon. Overall the moon's angular size only varies by about 15% or so from apogee to perigee. Here's a photo I took tonight using my D7000 and the Orion ST-80 (400mm focal length) with contrast and clarity adjusted in LR.

However, feel free to go out and look up, it's always interesting. Saturn won't be far away from the moon tonight, just east of it near Spica. Even during a bright full moon it's easy to find the brighter planets. However, wait a couple of weeks and stay up late. After the moon gets to its new phase the Milky Way really comes out across the summer sky in this part of the world. You'll need to find a dark spot but it's worth the trouble!