2012 is so last year ...

2012 is behind us. It was a busy year, it barely seemed like it was there. This past year was the first full year of my life I wasn't enrolled in school or taking classes for anything. I'm definitely not ready to settle on a career for thirty years and retire and I might be back in school before long. Sitting still this long isn't something I'm terribly good at.

A few momentous things happened. Thankfully the weather held out long enough for me to view and capture the transit of Venus on June 6th. I was considering traveling to somewhere with a more stable climate but that didn't pan out. This resulted in one of my favorite photos of 2012. I'm grateful I was able to see the transit in person as there won't be another one until long after I've passed away.

Venus Transit

In August I was able to visit Kennedy Space Center (thanks for the ride, Rob) via the NASASocial program. Even though the RBSP's (now Van Allen Probes) launch was postponed a few times it was still an amazing experience. I'm itching to get back again, although not in summer next time. I'm not sure how people actually live in Florida. That exceptionally hot, humid, and just plain disgustingly sticky feeling you call a climate is enough to write off the state for residency in my book. Seriously, it was 86ºF at 2:00 am. What's up with that? Maybe it'd be tolerable between November and March. My favorite photo was a sunrise panorama of the KSC press area featuring the VAB. A consolation prize for not actually seeing a launch.


Not to mention Megan and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. We're still doing well. I've really enjoyed having time off the last couple of weeks to spend with her. Not having to deal with eight hours in the office (sorry if you've been trying to get a hold of me for work related stuff, I've been ignoring my work email) has really helped me relax. Even she noticed a difference in my mood.

In 2013 I'm wanting buckle down and focus on a core set of skills. I'm spreading everything too thin and not really making progress in any one direction. In the immortal words of Ron Swanson: "never half ass two things, whole ass one thing." Humans are bad at multitasking and I'm no exception.