AppState Move In 2011

This year's move in weekend was my eighth since I started at App back in 2003. Well, technically the seventh if you don't count '03 since I wasn't a student employee yet. I used to hate it back then but now that I'm a certified desk jockey I actually enjoy roaming the dorms and setting up machines for folks. A lot of parents had positive comments about the move in process and many nice things to say about the volunteers. Other than a few elevator issues in the west campus dorms everything seemed to go smoothly. The photos attached are the lines of volunteers, students and parents waiting for said elevators to return to the ground floor.

Oh, I definitely managed to recruite a few new players for AppGaming's Minecraft server. Looking forward to some epic builds on this year's map.

Hopefully this year's freshmen aren't pinched too hard by the budget cuts.

AppSate Move In AppState Move In